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The Harmony Way unites the territories of Alt Urgell, Andorra and the Ariège, following the old shepherd paths, eliminating the frontiers of the three countries and giving way to a multicultural space rich in cultural, natural and historical diversity to be shared, lived, experienced and restored.

Recovering the paths used by our forebears, you can travel on foot either of the two routes proposed, finding contrasts and enjoying nature. There is a sports itinerary for hardier people and a family itinerary to travel without haste but without stopping, taking full benefit from each of the corners that you discover as you go.

Sport itinerary: Auzat–La Seu d’Urgell / La Seu d’Urgell–Auzat. This two-way route is 102 km long and is travelled in 6 stages, with an average of 5 to 7 hours a day.

1. Auzat–Le Carla: 6 h 40’, 15 km, incline +900 m
2. Le Carla–Arinsal: 6 h 20’, 14 km, incline +1.090 m
3. Arinsal–Prats: 8 h 20’, 19 km, incline +1.348 m
4. Prats–Claror: 7 h 00’, 21 km, incline +978 m
5. Claror–Bescaran: 6 h 45’, 20 km, incline +633 m
6. Bescaran–La Seu: 2 h 20’, 13 km; incline -700 m

Family itinerary: Auzat–La Seu d’Urgell / La Seu d’Urgell–Auzat. This two-way route is 107 km long and is travelled in 9 stages, with an average of 3 to 5 hours a day. It is designed for families and to take full advantage of the countryside and special places to be found along the way.

1. Auzat–Le Carla: 6 h 40’, 15 km, incline +900 m
2. Le Carla–El Serrat: 5 h 30’, 14 km, incline +893 m
3. El Serrat–Ordino: 3 h 10’, 10 km, incline +300 m
4. Ordino–Prats: 4 h 00’, 9 km, incline +780 m
5. Prats–La Comella: 4 h 30’, 17 km, incline +230 m
6. La Comella–Claror: 4 h 40’, 6 km, incline +1.221 m
7. Claror–Naturland: 2 h 45’, 7 km, incline +380 m
8. Naturland–Bescaran: 3 h 00’, 14 km, incline +150 m
9. Bescaran–La Seu: 2 h 20’, 13 km, incline -700 m 

A route to cross borders, to bring the regions closer together and share experiences and projects.

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