Blind Explorer Routes in Andorra

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Blind Explorer’s advanced sat-nav technology helps create highly precise GPS routes.

Using the app, hikers with visual impairment can enjoy greater autonomy and explore the landscape on 20 mountain routes in Andorra.

Once the route has been chosen, the app generates 3D sounds in the direction to follow, thanks to the human capacity to locate sounds in space, ensuring hikers are going in the right direction, without deviating from the route or having to hold a tool in their hands.

The app can be adapted to individual preferences and needs by personalising the type of sound and guide indications.

The Camí Ral trail, from Ordino to Andorra, passing through La Massana, in both its uphill and downhill directions in various stages, and the trail from Obac d’Inclés are just two of the routes included in Blind Explorer.

See this link for a complete list of the Andorran mountain trails in four languages, which you can walk using the Blind Explorer app.