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+100 m / -100 m

Andy’s Forest is an easy family trail that is based on the character of Andy, who lives in Andorra la Vella. Andy is a tamarro: a magical being who inhabits the parish’s mountains and forests and is responsible for looking after and protecting them.

With a duration of around 90 minutes, the interactive trail gives children a fun and entertaining encounter with nature: with each step, the youngsters will learn more about Andy’s life and his work in the forest.

With regard to location, the trail begins at Andy’s “forest gateway” and follows a circular route some 1.6 km long.

The activity is complemented by an educational book filled with exercises and games, which tell the story of Andy and his friends. You can pick up a copy at the tourist office in Andorra la Vella.

Last but not least, the trail has been created using recycled materials from the forest itself, in order to ensure that it is long-lasting and integrates with the natural environment.

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