Iron Way: Via Cable 2

Iron Way: Via Cable 2




60 m

Height difference

+50 m / -50 m

The Cable 2 via ferrata is the second option if you want to go up the “Cable 1 or 2 via ferrata”. The other option is to climb up the Cable 1 via, which is oriented toward the southwest.

The Cable 2 via ferrata is also of a moderate difficulty level. However, climbers must take into account that, in the final third of the route, there is a spur that juts out into the air, and that the via has no escape route.

This via ferrata is located at an altitude of 1,495 m and rises up to 1,540 m. Its elevation change is 50 m and it is 60 m long.

An interesting feature of this route is that, when you finish, you can abseil back down– the longest abseil line being 25 m – or via the Canal del Grau, following the yellow markers you will find en route.

This route is oriented towards the southeast. Way: 2 h 10 min. Return: 50 min. 

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