The Coll dels Isards iron way (left slope)

The Coll dels Isards iron way (left slope)




70 m

Height difference

+50 m / -50 m

The left- and right-slope via ferratas are part of the overall “Coll dels Isards” via ferrata; both  ascend in parallel and begin and end at the same point.

The left-slope via is slightly easier than the right one and does not require the same degree of skill or knowledge as the other.

However, although it is relatively simple, keep in mind that it is a high-mountain via ferrata and ascends to an altitude of 2,700 m. For this reason, it is advisable to do this via ferrata (and the parallel one) in the summer months.

To get to this via, you will have to walk for an hour up an ascent of 400 m.
You can change the order of the via ferratas by climbing up one and down another. If you are left wanting more, you can even link up with a third (the Pic Negre d’Envalira is a great option) to prolong your day out!

This route can be found at GPS point: 42° 31' 15",01° 43' 45", is 70 m long and includes a total ascent of 50 m.

Approach: 50 minutes. Way: 2h 10min. Return: 1h.

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