Hiking in Andorra la Vella

Trekking and hiking are trendy at the moment. Come to Andorra la Vella and hike one of the country's numerous trails.

Cultural hiking route: El Camí

EL CAMÍ is a cultural hiking route that passes through all of the Catalan-speaking territories of Spain, France and Andorra.

Hiking route: Prat primer per Palomera

Prat Primer is to the south-east of the parish of Andorra la Vella

Hiking route: Camí dels Pujols

The Camí dels Pujols is an easy stroll of little more than 20 minutes ideal to do with your family.

Hiking trail: Circuit de les Fonts - Itinerari llarg

The Circuit de les Fonts passing through the Bosc Negre is 9 km long and climbs 380 metres. 

Hiking route: Estany de la Nou

The climb to the Estany de la Nou lake from Andorra la Vella is a difficult route due to the long initial climb of over 1,000 metres. 

Hiking route: Anella Verda

The Anella Verda is a natural path that surrounds Andorra la Vella