Are you looking for a longer trail or would you like to spend a night in a mountain refuge? Have a look at our intermediate-level hiking trails. Rise to altitudes of 2,000 metres and see how the landscape changes along the way: alpine flora, wildlife, dense forests, etc. Although the route is longer, the reward is definitely worth it.

Guided Ecotourism route: Pic dels Llacs

You can enjoy panoramic views across Setúria Valley on the left and Tor Valley on the right

Hiking route: Refugi i Estanys de Montmalús

The Montmalús lakes medium difficulty hiking route is a pretty natural stroll in quiet surroundings.

Hiking route: Estanys i Refugi de Cabana Sorda

The hiking route in one of the glacial circuses of the Incles valley is a popular walk for families. Medium difficulty.

Hiking route: Itinerari del Fontverd

The Fontverd route is in the Vall de Madriu-Perafita-Claror, declared UNESCO Heritage of Mankind in 2004. 

Hiking route: Itinerari de Ràmio

The Camí de Ràmio hiking route in the Vall del Madriu, is a route of medium difficulty that will take us to the Bordes de Ràmio.

Hiking route: El Siscaró - Estany de Baix

This route takes us to the Siscaró lake at alt. 2,325 m