Guided Ecotourism route: Seguint els rastres de la fauna

Guided Ecotourism route: Seguint els rastres de la fauna



You can gain access from the parking area of Cap del Graus or Canya de la Rabassa. If you choose the latter option, keep in mind that you will have to travel an extra 1,650 metres to reach the circuit's starting point!


The first phase of this route starts at the parking area of Cap de Graus, and follows the trail of Estany de l’Estanyó to the first bridge, which we will cross. From here we will travel in a small spiral until we reach the first wetland area of the park, where we will discover the first animal tracks of the itinerary.

Next, we will go back onto the Estany de l’Estanyó trail which we will follow to Pleta de la Duedra. During this stretch, we will cross a meadow and visit the second wetland, where we can enjoy the two of the rarest flower species in the park: "Listera cordata" a small orchid born in the muddy growths and "Lepidium villarsii" a cruciferous species you will find right in the centre of the spectacular megaphorbiaie (garden filled with exuberant greenery).

Once we reach the "Pleta", we will discover the archaeological ruins of huts and cottages of long ago; then we will continue downwards into a wooded area where we will become acquainted with 3 large wetland areas of the park, with more animal tracks.

Lastly, we will return towards Cap de Graus, skirting the river alongside Sorteny's right border: here we will discover Pyrenean desman tracks, a small protected mammal that is native tothe Pyrenees.

The last thing left to do will be to visit the Borda de Sorteny - the old refuge hut -  and follow the trail towards Planell del Quer. When we reach Planell, we will enjoy some spectacular views over the valley of Sorteny and Rialb! For further information, you will have the viewpoint's explanatory map: you will discover all of the park's secrets!

Timetables and further information:

This itinerary is perfect for families to enjoy as it is quite easy and very entertaining!

It has a slope of 50 metres and will only be available in July and August.

Level: Easy
Outings: Thursday
Time:  9:30 am
Duration: 3 hours
Sortides: consultar a l’ Oficina de Turisme d’Ordino .

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