The rock wall Caldea




The rock wall caldea

Did you know Caldea is also a good place for rock climbing in Andorra? In addition to relaxing in its thermal circuit, enjoying the nightly light and sound shows or doing body treatments in the annexed Inúu, you may also practice your climbing skills in the rock climbing gym it has within its facilities. It is located on the second floor of this leisure spa centre, in the town of Escaldes-Engordany. We would like to remind you that the exact location is Carrer Parc de la Mola, 10, and that you may reach it by bus, Tourist Bus or taxi. You may also get there on foot, as it is a stone’s throw from the pedestrianised commercial area, and the area’s main hotels.

A highly comprehensive rock climbing gym

Caldea’s rock climbing gym is a highly versatile and fully equipped facility, where one may practice their climbing skills at different levels and categories. Its routes are classified between 4 and 8b, and there is an overhanging one of varying difficulty (6b+ - 8a+), which is known as ‘Macarro’ by its users. It has nine routes with ropes, two of which are overhanging, and an area with ceilings, like caverns of sorts. Boulder enthusiasts may also test their skills, as there is a specific area for it, featuring crash pads, and it is under 3 metres in height.

In spite of being next to this spa, the rock climbing gym functions as a veritable sports facility. In fact, it is managed by the Escaldes-Engordany Town Hall, and has its own climbing school and a team of professionals teaching private and group classes, where climbers of all ages and levels may learn or improve their skills. It also features changing rooms and a shower.

Other interesting information about the Caldea rock climbing gym

One of the great advantages of the Caldea rock climbing gym is that it is inside and covered, unlike others run by this Town Hall, like Dos Valires, which is open air. In this way, its users may enjoy it throughout the year, regardless of the weather. 

As for prices, these vary depending on different criteria, like the number of participants in the courses, the number of weekly hours, the payment plans (monthly, quarterly, yearly), per hour use or 10-hour passes, etc. Users holding Andorra’s Carnet Jove (Young Person’s) card are eligible for discounts on these options, and on occasion, the hotels launch promotional packages that include climbing classes and the use of the rock climbing gym. For more information, visit the Town Hall’s website.

Lastly, the users of Caldea’s rock climbing gym are reminded that in order to use the facilities, they must bring their own equipment, including climbing shoes, belay devices and harnesses.

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