Group activities in Canillo

Canillo offers a range of group activities you can join. Meet new people and discover new places with like-minded people. An excellent group awaits you!

Acrojump at Mont Magic Canillo

L’Acrojump is in the Mon(t) Magic in Canillo. You have to be over 6 to be able to do this activity.

Horses and donkeys in Mont Magic Canillo

In the summer months, the Mon(t) Magic Canillo is a great area for open air nature activities.

Archery Mont Magic Canillo

Archery is one of the most popular attractions of the Mon(t) Magic Canillo.

Paddle boats and canoes at Mont Magic Canillo

You can also enjoy water activities at the Mon(t) Magic Canillo.

Children’s area at Mont Magic Canillo

You have an exclusive activity area at the Mon(t) Magic Canillo with loads of options for fun.

Vehicle circuit at Mon(t) Magic Canillo

Driving is an experience within reach of the youngest at the Mon(t) Magic Canillo.