La Font de la Navina viewpoint


La font de la navina viewpoint

From this viewpoint you can see the damp lands and get to know Andorra's wild mushrooms. You can find several species depending on the time of year when you go. In the autumn you will find 'lactarius salmonicolor' from July to October the penny bun and in the spring 'morchella esculenta'.

The fir forests are also a characteristic point of this viewpoint. In Andorra most fir trees grow at altitudes of between 1,600 and 2,000 metres in the black pine forests, and have an undergrowth of lingonberry or alpenrose.
Finally, you will also enjoy the animals of the forest of conifers, which are the favourite habitat of the black woodpecker, the largest woodpecker in Europe, the Pyrenean owl and the Eurasian nuthatch. Mammals include the European pine marten and the roe deer.

You will find more information about this and other guided walking routes in the Andorra Mountain Guide.

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