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Originally from the Middle East, beer is one of the oldest drinks produced by mankind. Evolving with every passing day, it has become one of the most consumed beverages around the world. As a result, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are taking an interest in this artisan product.

You don’t have to go far: in Andorra there are 3 companies that operate in this industry: Cerveses Alpha, Boris Craft Beer and & And. Although they all use the highest quality ingredients, they differentiate themselves from one another by their flavours, the ingredients they choose and how they produce the beer, giving each of them special qualities and a different personality. Our master brewers have an in-depth understanding of how to produce a good mountain beer.

Thanks to its unrivalled surroundings, as well as the use of top ingredients, they produce craft beer with a high level of purity and the traditional mountain features from the valleys of Andorra.  Their creations and mixtures result in varieties including blonde ale, which goes perfectly with oily fish and red meat, and brown ale, which is perfect paired with stronger dishes, such as a delicious cheese fondue.

Tailor-made tasting sessions and pairings

We offer the following activities for you to find out about the specialities of each brewery: tasting sessions of their ranges, recommendations for the best recipes for cooking with beer and exquisite and surprising pairings.

  • The season's star pairing

If you like sweet and sour combinations, ask for the star pairing from Cerveses Alpha: you’ll be given the perfect combination of a delicious piece of goat’s cheese, seasoned with a touch of honey from Andorran artisan honey producer Autèntic, topped off with a tasty walnut. This combination of flavours, along with the personality and strength of its brown ale, will be the height of pleasure for your taste buds! You’ll find their facilities in La Massana.

  • Guided tour with tasting session

& And offering you the chance to learn the secrets of one of the most authentically Andorran beers, which is full of character. At their facilities, you’ll find out from the professionals themselves how this beer is made in Andorra la Vella. At the end of the tour, you’ll enjoy a small tasting session!

If you want an even more gourmet experience, ask for a Premium tour: you’ll enjoy not only the guided tour, but you’ll also be delighted by pairings of beer with cheeses, jams and one of the country’s most traditional liqueurs: Ratassia de la Carmeta. Free entry for children under 18.

  • Lastly... taste a range of flavours!

If you want to try delicious combinations, the Boris Craft Beer brewery is offering a guided tour of its facilities in Ordino, where you’ll discover things like how to pair their three star beers: Golden Ale, with hints of fruit and flowers, Brown Ale with aromas of coffee and caramel and White Ale with touches of citrus and banana!

If beer is your thing, make Andorra's microbreweries your destination!

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