Capricho de Luna


Capricho de Luna is a business that is committed to green values and protecting our environment. Soaps by Capricho de Luna are made through the ancient technique of cold saponification. Andorra’s natural environment offers the ideal conditions for the drying process, which preserves the properties of the invaluable natural ingredients with which the soaps are made.

One of the most important of these natural ingredients is 100% natural virgin olive oil, mostly from organic groves. Then we have coconut, castor and rosehip oil. Other products that define the properties of Capricho de Luna’s soaps include shea and cocoa butter, as well as a variety of essential oils.

These ingredients come together to create the wide range of products Capricho de Luna offers.

Soaps designed to look after your well-being and your skin.

Location and contact


Urb. Colomer Parc

(+376) 350 505