Shepherd's soups


The name of this meal is one of several variants of a dish that continues to be part of our diet: thyme soups or piping hot soups. Whatever the variant, such as this "Pastor" one, it is a very healthy dish, popular in many homes, especially in winter.

The only secret in this recipe is to make sure that the fried bread doesn't totally disintegrate, as it should be crispy. Until the middle of the last century, most country families made their own bread, and those who did not have an oven made it at a neighbour's house or in collective ovens.

Humble and easy to make as well as nutritionally balanced, among other benefits, this recipe provides hydration, energy, warmth and digestibility of the thyme, rosemary or other herbs that can be added for flavour.


Preparation for 4 people:

After separating a small part of the bread, place it on a table and roll a bottle over it to make crumbs. 

Put it in a casserole with herbs and spices to taste and make an infusion. 

Then heat it and leave it covered for a few minutes. 

Finally, cut the rest of the bread into pieces, fry in oil and add to the soups. A humble and versatile dish. A humble but versatile dish.

Ingredients for preparing shepherd's soup:

-5 l of water or vegetable broth
-500 g of dry rye bread
- Some oil
- Thyme, rosemary, mint, oregano... (optional)



These variants of piping hot soups are a dishes that tones the body and help you regain strength and is still popular in many homes, especially in winter.