Rabbit with mushrooms


Where the rabbit has the most presence due to its lean and low-fat meat (that is, healthy) is in the kitchens of the Mediterranean: all over the Catalan territories, but also in Occitania, Flanders or Malta, to name a few.

Rabbit can be prepared in many different ways. The most popular is perhaps grilled with allioli (typical Catalan garlic dressing), but it is also made with plums and other fruits, roasted in a casserole, stuffed with rice or noodles, snails, potatoes and mushrooms, such as the case of the recipe with carreroles mushrooms that we propose and that you can also taste in traditional Bordes of the area.

As an anecdote, it is worth noting that in Catholic representations of the Middle Ages, the rabbit symbolized the incarnation of evil due to its fertility.


Preparation for 4 people:

Start by cutting the rabbit into thick pieces, and place them in a casserole with oil and salt. 

Add pepper, chopped onion, garlic and a bay leaf, and fry them.

As soon as you have sautéed them, add the carreroles and stir well.

Add cognac and white wine, cover the casserole and let it continue to cook for about 45 minutes until the carreroles and rabbit generate gravy.

In addition, chop some garlic, parsley and almonds, and add them when the rabbit and the carreroles are almost done . 

Stir, cover and let simmer for another 10 minutes. It's ready to serve!

Ingredients for preparing the rabbit with carreroles

-1 rabbit (approx. 800 g)
-1 onion
-3 cloves of garlic
-4 tablespoons cognac
-200 ml of white wine
-50 g of almonds
-250 g of carreroles mushrooms
-1 handful of parsley
-A laurel leaves
-Some oil



Rabbit is a food present mainly in the Mediterranean area, where it is prepared alone or with accompaniments and cooked in various ways.