Nettle soup or cream


For cooking, the best are the tenderest (sprouts) of nettle leaves and can be prepared as a separate vegetable, in a soup or an omelette. To avoid getting pricked by nettles, they should be harvested with gloves or a newspaper.

Despite being a much healthier and more refined food than one might think, nettles have virtually disappeared from our everyday meals, partly because of capacity to create rashes and because its consumption is associated with times of scarcity.

Nettle leaves have purifying, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-rheumatic, circulatory and nourishing properties. In the past, it was renowned as a important medicinal plant. It also has satiating properties and relieves anxiety. A meal to bring back to our tables.

In this recipe that we invite you to make, potatoes and onion are indispensable


Preparation for 4 people:

For starters, clean the nettle sprouts.

Peel and cut the potatoes and chop the onion.

Then put butter, onion, nettles, potatoes, salt and pepper in the casserole and sauté them for 5 to 8 minutes.

Add about 1 litre of water to the casserole, and let it boil for about 30 minutes or more. 

Once the vegetables are cooked, add egg yolks, milk and cream cheese. 

Put it an electric blender and, if you want a creamier texture, add a little water. A very traditional recipe.

Ingredients for preparing nettle soup or cream:

-500 g of potatoes
-250 g of tender nettle sprouts
-2 egg yolks
-250 ml of milk
-200 g of cream cheese
-20 g butter
-1 onion



The nettle is a plant with many healthy nutrients and is especially suited for consumption in the spring for its high purifying value.