Civet of Wild Boar

Civet de porc fer

Hunting is in Andorra’s DNA, and the setmana de l’Isard (a week each September when hunting chamois is allowed) is one of the best-known events on the hunting calendar, and one which has always been important from the culinary point of view.

There is a long tradition of eating game. Originally it was basic survival food, but has been transformed over time into the delicious and much more complex dishes that we enjoy today.

Civet of wild boar is one of those dishes that talks to you, telling you all about its origins. It’s not an everyday dish, as it requires a great deal of preparation. However, all the hard work and time involved - marinating the meat in red wine, cooking etc. - is more than worth it. There are lots of possible variations, but it’s always a hearty dish that smells wonderful and is full of flavour, so even the most demanding of gourmets are sure to love it.

Incidentally, wild boar is packed with nutrients such as iron and B group vitamins, and it’s low in fat, most of which is healthy fat. 

El civet de porc fer és un plat de caça ple de sabor
El vi negre és indispensable per a la maceració del civet de porc fer
El civet de porc fer és un plat complet, perfecte per a l’època hivernal


Preparation for 4 people:

Dice the meat and marinate in the fridge with vinegar, wine, a dash of brandy, vegetables and spices for at least 24 hours.

Then separate the meat from the vegetables and the liquid from the marinade.

Flour the meat, sauté it in a casserole and keep it in a pan with the same oil.

Also sauté the vegetables, extract the excess fat and flambée them with another splash of cognac.

Then soak them in the wine marinade and, when boiled, strain the sauce and place in the casserole.

Continue to add wine or vegetable broth when needed during cooking and bring to a boil.

Cover the casserole and cook the civet for 1 hour and a half to 3 hours, depending on the part you are cooking.  To check, prick the meat with the tip of a knife.

Halfway through cooking, slowly add the grated chocolate and, as a final touch, season with salt and pepper.  When you taste it, you will see that the time you spent in the kitchen has been well worth it.

It is a typical dish for autumn and winter. Its preparation is more complex and the duration is about 2 hours.

Ingredients for making civet of wild boar:

-2 kg of wild boar
-1.5 l of red wine
-2 rays of brandy
-1 jet of vinegar
-500 g of vegetables for marinade (carrot, leek, onion, celery, turnip and garlic)
-150 g of flour
-2 sprig of thyme
-3 bay leaves
-Black peppercorns
-Cinnamon to taste
-Some sunflower oil
-Black pepper
-Stone chocolate


Civet de porc fer


Book: Cuina casolana d’Andorra (Andorran Home Cooking)
Author: Maria Dolors Ribes Roigé
Edition: June 1991