Thanks to the many rivers and alpine lakes Andorra, fishing is a very common sport in our country. If you like to go fishing, you should know that it is controlled and regulated in the country to protect local species. The country's salmonid species often include local river fish and brook and rainbow trout in alpine areas.

There are different recipes for trout dishes all through the Pyrenees, but the most popular ones here are usually Pallaresa-style trout, Andorran-style trout, baked trout and river trout omelette.

In the case of Andorran-style trout, the essential ingredient is fatty cured ham. The oil it releases in cooking is what makes the dish so delicious.

Trout is very commonly found on summer menus in traditional mountain chalets, or “bordas”. It is a light and simple dish that is perfect for lunch or dinner.

Try it!


Preparation for 6 people:

Wash the river trout well in cold water and dry them well. Season them inside and out with salt and pepper and flour lightly. Cut the cured ham into strips or slices, then fry them in a pan with oil until crispy or to taste. Once the ham is fried, remove it from the pan to drain on a plate.

In the same pan with the same oil, fry the trout until they are golden on the outside and cooked on the inside. Serve them with the ham pieces and sprinkle with the oil from the pan.

Serve with a good Andorran wine.


Ingredients for Andorran-style river trout:

- 6 river trout
- 12 slides of fatty cured ham
- Flour
- Oil
- Salt and pepper.



Source: La nostra cuina. Menges d’aquí
Authors: Maria Dolors Abad de Bellsolà - Josep Ma Troguet Ribes
Edition: April 2007