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Andorra: from its legendary escudella to international dishes

Historically, traditional Andorran cuisine centred around typical Pyrenean mountain dishes, but in recent years the Principality's food and drink scene has evolved a lot. French and Spanish cuisine have always been and continue to be present in Andorran gastronomy, with French food particularly predominant in the north and Catalan food in the south, with the rich escudella being the oldest documented soup dish in Europe. Italian food has also become quite popular. All in all, today's Andorran dishes have all kinds of international influences.

Nowadays, it's easy to find an excellent selection of restaurants where you can sample food from practically all over the world. If you're planning your next visit to Andorra, don't miss out on these local products that tickle the taste buds of all those who visit the Principality.

The best of typical Andorran gastronomy

It would be impossible to start with anything other than the famous escudella, one of the most traditional and sought-after dishes, as well as one of the most appetising to warm up with. It's made with beef, sausage, vegetables, noodles, rice and chickpeas. It's a very common winter dish on tables in Catalan areas, as well as in the Balearic and Andorran regions. Other typical options are also available to tickle your fancy, including trinxat de col, made with white cabbage, potato, bacon, black pudding, oil and salt, or carn d'olla, which is the escudella broth meat. Andorra's meat is in fact one of the symbols of the area, and the same is true of the sausages from Cal Jordi or Els Escaubells, where, among other things, sausages are made specifically for the preparation of escudella.

While you're delighting in restaurant menus, we also recommend that you try civet de jabalí, marinated wild boar made using vegetables paired with some of the delicious wines of Andorra, continuing with a relaxed after-dinner experience, tasting a family liquor passed down through generations known as Ratassia de la Carmeta, prepared with nuts and medicinal herbs harvested by hand from the Valleys of Andorra.

To top off a day with friends or as a couple, don't forget to try a good Andorran beer.

Discover a huge variety of local products

With an ever-increasing desire to take care of ourselves, a balanced diet and healthy eating are more essential than ever these days. Andorra offers top-quality products, including seasonal vegetables, which you'll find at Cortal Llumeneres, Casa Folch or the market. Fruit and vegetables from Andorra are combined in restorative recipes to be savoured after a great day in the snow.

Even if you're just passing through the Principality, though, there are a number of quick fixes to complete your journey. We'd recommend buying cheeses from Casa Raubert or chocolate from Andorra, which has become more well-known thanks to artisan chocolate shops such as Xocland, which you'll find in La Massana. If you're one of those people who likes to maximise cold and snow time to the fullest, Nectum spruce syrup will come in handy, as it works a trick for skiers' colds. It's made by El Rebost del Padri and to this day is still prepared according to the traditional recipe. You can also taste honey from Naturalis, Casa Folch or Autentics, among others.

The great variety of Andorran products is the result of years of tradition and passion for looking after both the locals and the many visitors the Principality receives year after year. Discover all that Andorra has to offer. Just a few hours away, it has a unique selection of gastronomic and cultural options available. See you there!


Discover all that Andorra has to offer. Just a few hours away, it has a unique selection of gastronomic and cultural options available. See you there!