Freeride downhill: Pic baix del Cubil i corredor (Don't stop the Carnival)





1,4 km

Height difference

+155 m / -339 m

Freeride: pic baix del cubil i corredor

Start point: From the base of the Grandvalira Grau Roig ski resort, we will take the Cubil ski lift and at 2,420 m we will climb southwards along the crest leading to the Pic baix del Cubil. A comfortable climb without any difficulty and without special material. After some 15-20 min and well before the peak, we will see the entrance to the corridor (Don't stop the Carnival) to the north west.

Descent: A narrow or very narrow corridor for the most part. At the beginning, depending on the snow conditions we will find a lot of rocks that we will have to get round to enter the corridor itself. Once inside, the passage is very narrow and technical with a length of around 150 m and coming out on to the ski resort. A corridor easily seen from the head of the Funicamp.

Parking area: (42°31'58.09"N and 1°42'1.36"E).

Drop: 45-55°

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