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Art and water often reveal uses, customs and traditions. Canillo aims to show you its past through water and nature.  Follow any of the routes that they propose:

  • Incles valley: roots, traditions and customs

The Incles Valley is one of the most important glacial valleys in Andorra and is surrounded by a heritage of great beauty and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Lakes, waterfalls, rivers, meadows and forests are just some of the examples you will find in this place.

To show you examples of traditions and the customs that might formerly have been found in this valley, you will find a series of informative signposts representing fishing, contraband and the products of the land, such as wheat and grass, which all refer to man’s work on the land.

In the summer months the valley is closed to vehicles in order to preserve its beauty and peace, but a reasonably priced electric train is made available to show it to visitors.

  • H2O route:

Canillo has a large number of channels, springs and troughs whose history, beauty, charm and tradition makes them points of interest on the H2O circuit. Follow the route to see the territory in a different way and discover the uses of water as a way to understand the customs and forms of life of the people and finally the nature of the parish.

The route includes an H2O Guide that provide you with a plan of the location of the different channels, springs and troughs, all numbered and with a brief explanation.

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