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This museum belongs to the Reig family foundation and is located in the family's former tobacco factory: Cal Rafeló, a 4-storey building located in the village centre.

Historically, tobacco production has been -and remains- an essential economic activity for Andorra. Accordingly, the Principality couldn't be without a museum devoted to tobacco: the Reig Factory Museum in Sant Julià de Lòria. It's housed in the old Reig factory—a legendary brand that conducted its activities in said building during the first half of the 20th century. This centre's aim is to educate on the historical importance of tobacco, which is done with the support of new technologies such as audiovisual projections and multimedia description systems. Find out about what awaits you in its rooms and learn more so that you can easily plan your visit.

Understanding tobacco production

Although Andorra's main economic driving force is currently tourism, tobacco was the country's leading industry until not that long ago. To this day there are still plenty of tobacco plantations in Andorra, which yield considerable benefits for their producers. The Reig Factory Museum in Sant Julià de Lòria will guide you, step by step, through the production process of this widely consumed product and how it's prepared at present. Cultivation, arrival of the tobacco leaves at the factory, mixing, drying, cigarette rag, cigarettes, cigars, customs controls, etc., are stages of the production process covered by the permanent exhibition, where visitors also get the chance to discover first-hand some of the machines and tools used in the factory that houses the museum.

Temporary exhibitions and activities in the Reig Factory Museum

In addition to its permanent exhibition, the museum also has other rooms and spaces devoted to temporary exhibitions dealing with different subjects that are not necessarily related to tobacco: adventure, nature, art, etc. All subject matters are welcome within the rooms of this old cigarette and cigar factory.

The Reig Factory Museum in Andorra is a lively place that hosts a number of different activities throughout the year, some of which are held in summer and aimed at children, including concerts and handicraft workshops using recycled materials. Due to its educational approach, this centre is visited frequently by schools from throughout the Principality.

A pleasant multimedia visit

Visiting the Reig Factory Museum in Andorra is an enjoyable and entertaining experience partly due to the multimedia system that guides visitors at all times. This museum's innovative nature means that it is often in high demand, meaning that it's advisable to reserve beforehand. Visitors also have the option of joining guided group tours, which last around 1 hour and are limited to 25 people. The museum also provides additional services such as a cloakroom, a shop, a cafeteria and an outdoor terrace. It is accessible for people with reduced mobility and also rents rooms for presentations, talks, etc.

This museum is also covered by the Andorra PassMuseu, a card that grants its holder a 50% discount on the entry fee of a large number of Andorran museums and exhibition centres. Members of ICOM, state schools and under 8s get free admission.


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Sant Julià de Lòria

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