Jardin Cosmique Andorra Gallery


Jardin Cosmique is proud to present to the world the holokinetic painting of the Swiss artist K-Soul, who invented the technique. Painting with "living light" is a new art form that combines pictorial language with the poetry of colour and new technologies.

The gallery exhibits various examples of the artworks and objects that K-Soul has created using this innovative technique. His work, which has great visual impact, comprises elements such as digital painting, holokinetic jewellery made of light, dynagrams, aqualiths and holocinegrams.

Holokinetics is the art of light!

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Location and contact


Avinguda d’Enclar, 84 - Residencial Prat Condal, local lb.01

(+376) 860 430 - (+376) 331 150

jardincosmique@andorra.ad http://www.jardincosmique-andorra.com