Church of Sant Esteve de Bixessarri

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It is a rectangular church without an apse and covered with a two sided roof. It has a bell tower in the wall and the porch and the nave is whitewashed. The nave of Sant Esteve de Bixessarri with a door opening to the west and four windows possibly from two different times lighting up the key points of the liturgy: the altar, the nave and the choir. It is built with medium-sized and small stones more or less set out in rows. The roof of the nave is in open wood beams. The door shows the lintel, the columns, the band and the feet decorated with borders. The date of 1701 is engraved on the lintel. The wall bell tower with a single hole stands at the top of the west facade. The apse, on a higher level than the nave, is presided by an 18th-century baroque altarpiece dedicated to St Stephen. The nave with a stone floor preserves part of the furniture and the wooden choir of baroque times (18th and 19th centuries). More information: Sant Julià de Lòria Tourist and Information Office.


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