Carmen Thyssen Museum: Workshops and Activities



The Carmen Thyssen Museum has organised workshops and activities relating to its exhibitions that will bring you closer to the fascinating world of painting and art in general. These activities are part of the ambitious cultural programme "Have an art day", which the Thyssen has been planning since its inauguration, conscious of the potential educational value of art.

"@cthyssen a #plenair" is a free outdoor painting workshop that is open to anyone who wants to take part. It is held on the first Saturday of every month just in front of the Museum. "@cthyssen a #plenair" has been a huge success among young people, who see this activity as a way of expressing their creativity. The workshop has also welcomed an older, more experienced audience who, inspired by the works of the masters on display at the Museum, make their own interpretations of the art.

"GastroArt al Thyssen" is an ambitious project through which the Carmen Thyssen Museum offers sensory activities directly linked to the works of art on display. The experience provides a different view of the paintings in the Carmen Thyssen collection by approaching art from a sensory perspective, through themed guided tours, workshops and food and drink tasting activities, among other surprising proposals that you just cannot miss!

In the activities calendar, you will also find the "Mystery at the Museum". This game of intrigue unravels at the museum and includes a tour guided by various characters. The participants have to guess which of the exhibited works has been stolen, who did it and how.

With these and other activities on offer, the Carmen Thyssen Museum is striving to ensure that everyone can experience and enjoy art in a unique and stimulating way.

Don't miss out: "Have an art day"!

You will find the calendar and further information on all the (both free and paid) activities on the Carmen Thyssen Museum website.


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