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Antic Hostal Valira. Av. Carlemany, 37 baixos Escaldes-Engordany

The Carmen Thyssen Museum organises activities and workshops that are related to its exhibitions. With a focus on fun and education, the museum’s programme enables visitors to explore the fascinating world of painting and art in general, and complements its schedule of exhibitions. 

The weekend workshops are designed for families and have the triple objective of promoting the exhibitions, enabling visitors to enjoy art through fun and educational activities, and celebrating festivals and special events through the language of art.  

The museum also organises a series of talks given by experts, which offer visitors the opportunity to learn more about musical discourse, the themes of the exhibitions, and other artistic subjects of interest to the general public. 

Through these and other activities, the Carmen Thyssen Museum strives to ensure that everyone is able to experience and enjoy art in a different and stimulating way.

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On the Carmen Thyssen Museum website you’ll find the details and calendar for all of the activities, both free and paid-for.

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