Museums in Andorra

Come to Andorra and visit the most spectacular museums. Experience the country's culture first-hand.

The Miniature Museum

Crucifixes and Russian Dolls that can't be fully appreciated without a magnifying glass and microscope: The items exhibited in the The Museum of Miniatures in Ordino will surely surprise you.

Rocks in the Street Museum

The Rocks in the Street Museum is an urban route carried out following different explanatory panels in the streets of Andorra la Vella.

Electricity Museum

The MW museum is located in the FEDA Building (Electrical Forces of Andorra), considered to be a cultural heritage site in Andorra.

Comic Museum

This original museum in the Plaça de les Fontetes in la Massana is a place of cult for comic lovers

Motorcycle Museum

Motor fans won't want to miss this: the Andorra Motorcycle Museum is home to dozens of models from the 20th century built by legendary brands

Perfume Museum

Sight and smell are the two senses that will most appreciate a visit to the Andorra Perfume Museum. Here you’ll discover the most interesting features