Discover Ordino's Culture

Ordino boasts a rich culture and history. Find art galleries, museums, monuments or sculptures throughout the entire country. Discover Andorra!

La Cortinada Nature Centre

The La Cortinada Nature Centre will show you all of the details of the flora and fauna in Andorra and how they started in the valleys. 

Church of Sant Martí de La Cortinada

The Church is one of the jewels of Andorran Romanesque and presents an extensive architectural and decorative evolution.

Cal Pal Mill and Saw Works

The Cal Pal mill and saw works is a clear example of the active past of the Ordino Valley related to processing natural elements. 

Church of Sant Serni de Llorts

The Church of Sant Serni de Llorts is in the parish of Ordino, in the village of Llorts.

Ordino bridge

Ordino bridge is a small Romanesque bridge with a single arch to the north of the village of Llorts, in the parish of Ordino.

The Miniature Museum

Crucifixes and Russian Dolls that can't be fully appreciated without a magnifying glass and microscope: The items exhibited in the The Museum of Miniatures in Ordino will surely surprise you.