Romanesque art in Canillo

Discover the Canillo's most spectacular Romanesque artworks. Delve into Andorra's culture and enjoy a bit of Andorran history. What are you waiting for?

Church of Sant Joan de Caselles

The church of San Joan de Caselles is one of the 3 Romanesque jewels of Andorra, along with the churches of Santa Coloma and La Cortinada.

Church of Sant Miquel de Prats

The Romanesque church of Sant Miquel de Prats in the hamlet of Prats is a clear example of the Andorran rural Romanesque.

Church of Sant Serni de Canillo

The church of Sant Serni is in the heart of the old quarter of Canillo, surrounded by the most singular and historic houses in the village.

Chapel of Sant Bartomeu

The chapel of Sant Bartomeu is in the village of Soldeu