Religious art in Canillo

Discover the country's most spiritual works of art. View the Canillo’s works and take pleasure in the artistic creations of the Principality.

Cross of Meritxell

The Cross of Meritxell is an ancient cross located on the old mediaeval path leading from Canillo to Meritxell, passed the village of Prats.

Cross of the 7 arms

On the road from Canillo to Meritxell, erected on an embankment we find the “Creu dels set braços”

Basilica Sanctuary of Meritxell

With its tradition, style and magnificent setting, the Sanctuary of Meritxell in Andorra is well worth a visit. Find out more details here!

Church of Santa Creu

The church of Santa Creu is located next to the River Valira d'Orient in the lower part of the Canillo village, called l'Areny.