Casa Gendret


Casa gendret

The products are made using whole fruits, with a minimal amount of sugar and with no added colourings or preservatives.

To preserve all the aromas and quality, the fruits are cleaned and prepared manually in small quantities, as soon as they are picked.

You can get a better idea of this family business' philosophy by visiting their fields, which can be done between June and October if booked in advance. There, you'll find strawberries, raspberries, currants, green tomato, rhubarb, blackberry, cherry, as well as other varieties.

Contact information
Casa Gendret
C/ Aern, 14, La Margineda
Santa Coloma
(+376) 325 415 / 664 166

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C/ Aern, 14, La Margineda.
Santa Coloma

(+376) 325 415 - 664 166