Train with your team

Train with your team

Sports camps: train with your team at altitude

Are you a coach or part of a sports team and looking for the perfect place for altitude training? Andorra offers you everything you need to make your pre-season training a success in terms of sports facilities, sports accommodation and even sports tourism activities. Its unique environment pushes you to perform at your best during your pre-season preparation, as it lets you train at altitude with a climate that’s perfect for different elite sports.

The weather conditions (pleasant temperatures and sunny days) and altitude above sea level provide the perfect setting for training from spring to autumn. In addition, there’s a wide range of complementary sports activities on offer, including hiking, trekking, mountain biking and cycling trails to complement training, recovery and relaxation at thermal centres, and a wide range of leisure and shopping options.

Performance and team cohesion at an altitude of 2,000 m

If you decide to train at altitude with your team, you’ll face additional physical and physiological challenges due to Andorra's location in a high mountain environment. For sports such as football, basketball, futsal, handball, volleyball, rugby and martial arts, there are so many options for organising a high performance pre-season training camp in the country.

Sports played indoors or in open fields undoubtedly require endurance. Thus, training at altitude will let the body adapt better, increasing the production of red blood cells and improving the efficiency of oxygen transport. This enables players to sustain their physical performance for longer periods.

It can also be mentally challenging, which fosters cohesion and camaraderie among players. Teamwork is essential in these disciplines, and facing the difficulties of training at altitude together can strengthen bonds within the team and boost communication and trust among players.

You’ll maximise your team’s performance by getting them ready to face the rigours of competition at both national and international levels.


In Andorra, basketball’s more than just a sport. It’s an integral part of the country's sporting and cultural life. MoraBanc Andorra – its main team – competes in Spain’s Liga ACB – one of the most important basketball leagues in Europe – and has a solid local talent pipeline in Bàsquet Club Andorra.

These internationally renowned credentials provide assurance for clubs and teams that want to train at altitude during their pre-season training camps. It has elite sports facilities and exclusive services such as the Sports Centre of Andorra, the country’s main sports complex for basketball and MoraBanc Andorra’s training facility.

There are eight facilities perfect for playing basketball across all levels of play: the community sports complexes of Encamp, Pas de la Casa, Ordino, Andorra la Vella, Sant Julià de Lòria and El Prat del Roure, as well as the Joan Alay, Prat Gran and Joan Samarra sports pavilions. These facilities have been primarily designed for training and local competitions but they can complement your indoor training at altitude with other sports activities.


Football in Andorra has a huge following despite the country’s small size thanks to the track record of its local teams. They have dominated the Andorran football scene in recent seasons and represented the country in European competitions such as the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. Andorra is the destination of choice of numerous international teams for altitude training each season not only for its benefits but also for its wealth of sports accommodation options and personalised services.

In Andorra, there are six elite sports facilities where you can hold your pre-season training camps. These include Andorra National Stadium and Andorra la Vella Community Stadium, FC Andorra’s home and the cradle of the country's best players. You also have the training grounds of La Massana, Encamp, Canillo, Santa Coloma and Ordino High Performance Centre at your disposal. They offer you annexe pavilions, multi-purpose rooms, physiotherapy areas, training equipment, among other services.

Futsal and Handball

In Andorra, there’s a long tradition of futsal and handball, as well as everything you need for your high performance training. The country has extensive experience in hosting elite teams, with more and more top professional teams choosing Andorra for their pre-season training camps such as FC Barcelona and FC Dynamo Moscow.

There are several sports facilities perfect for playing handball and futsal, from sports complexes to school facilities such as the sports complexes of Encamp, Ordino, Sant Julià de Lòria and Andorra la Vella. These facilities provide adequate space for sports training and competitions, contributing to the development and growth of these sports in Andorra. They’re perfect for holding your training sessions and pre-season training camps at an altitude of 2,000 m.


Although not a volleyball powerhouse, the country has high performance training programmes and specific training camps aimed at local players who want to improve their skills to advance their sporting careers. Andorra is home to professional players who represent the national team in international competitions such as European championships or Olympic qualification tournaments. Such valuable international experience is due to the country’s drive to have adequate sports facilities where elite volleyball can be played.

As professional players of this sport, we can provide you with the right environment, experience and talent to plan your training under optimal conditions. There are seven facilities perfect for playing volleyball: the community sports complexes of Encamp, Pas de la Casa, Ordino, Andorra la Vella and Sant Julià de Lòria, as well as the Joan Alay sports pavilion and Sports Centre of Andorra. These are in addition to the multi-purpose sports courts of different schools across the country, which have been primarily designed for the training and competitions of local clubs. All of them will be perfect for complementing your indoor training at altitude with other sports activities.


The growing interest in rugby in the Principality has led to the creation of local teams and a significant increase in the number of young people playing the team sport. The national rugby team’s results have led to Andorra’s representation at regional and international competitions, such as the Rugby Europe Conference, further boosting the development and promotion of rugby in the country.

Throughout the year, several friendly events among local clubs, youth competitions and international invitational tournaments are held, providing the opportunity to play at the elite level in this discipline. Some of Europe’s top rugby teams have chosen Andorra’s mountain environment for their pre-season training because of the benefits altitude can provide, such as increasing players’ endurance and aerobic capacity.

To this end, Andorra has sports facilities suitable for rugby, such as Andorra National Stadium and Encamp’s Prada de Moles Sports Centre. This facility is kitted out for high performance physical training and professional rugby playing. There’s no doubt that the country is a great destination to hold a high performance pre-season training camp for professional rugby teams.

Martial Arts

In Andorra, martial arts has a big following with an active community of enthusiasts. Despite Andorra’s small size, it offers a variety of options for athletes who want to improve their performance in different martial arts disciplines. Some of the styles that can be found include judo, karate, taekwondo, aikido and kung fu, as well as mixed martial arts, combined with other techniques such as boxing and wrestling.

The wealth of options in this discipline has given the country the necessary experience and knowledge to hold martial arts championships and serve as the perfect venue for your pre-season training.

There are several sports facilities available, which are fully kitted out for training in different martial arts disciplines and even holding tournaments. These include seven sports pavilions and specific multi-purpose spaces and halls, as well as a large selection of sports hotels and multiple sports tourism options that will round off your pre-season training in Andorra.

Sports centres, services and exclusivity

Andorra has modern sports facilities which – together with a wide range of accommodation options suitable for all sports and taking into account the short distances between facilities and accommodation – guarantee success for sports travel experiences. This is in addition to exclusive services that are completely tailored to the needs of each team: adaptation of spaces for sports rehabilitation, lockers for sports equipment, specific menus and diets, transport, medical service, among others.

It has more than 15 elite infrastructures that are fully equipped for professional multi-sport training and qualified staff to work with professional athletes. Each venue is suitable for training in a multitude of disciplines such as football, basketball, swimming, skating, trail running, cycling, skiing, etc. Whatever sport you play, they’re all sure to suit your needs.

You’ll find plenty of sports accommodation options with rooms designed to offer you the utmost in comfort so you can get the rest you need in between training sessions. Andorra’s wide selection of sports accommodation awaits! Organise sports travel experiences that meet all the standards of quality for hosting elite sports teams and professionals in different parts of the country, offering you the utmost in comfort and convenience.

Do you need help in organising your pre-season training?

Since 2015, Andorra Sports Training Country has been a platform for promoting Andorra as a sports tourism destination. Our efforts are focused on bringing together all the indoor and outdoor sports facilities in the country with the main mission of promoting them and publicising the sports travel experiences and specific training available for a multitude of sports.

If you’re looking for ideas to hold your pre-season training in Andorra, at Andorra Sports Training Country, we’ve got experts who can advise you and help you find the right activities and facilities to make your stay a success. We offer you the following services free of charge in addition to a no-obligation quote:

  • Selection of athletic facilities on selected dates
  • Selection of accommodation
  • Transfers from airports and train stations in Spain and France
  • Transfers within Andorra (hotel-athletic facility-hotel)
  • Specific additional equipment

We want you to get to know the country’s facilities and the advantages of training in Andorra to make the most out of your sports camp in Andorra. 

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