Sports medicine in Andorra

Sports medicine in Andorra

Sports medicine and rehabilitation in Andorra

Sports medicine is the medical discipline that studies the effects of sport and physical activity in general on athletes’ bodies. It’s always from the perspective of treatment and prevention of illnesses or injuries resulting from any sporting activity.

If you’re an active athlete or regularly plays a sport, you know how important it is to be in good hands to help you stay strong, healthy and agile. That’s why having a good team of sports health experts is essential for treating any injuries caused by your chosen sport, preventing injuries and illnesses, or getting you ready for the next season.

Andorra Health Destination: leave yourself in good hands

Andorra Health Destination is an Andorran association of companies in the health and wellness tourism sector which offers quality health experiences focused on visitors who want to look after their bodies and minds. Among its professionals and high-value experiences, it offers injury prevention and rehabilitation treatments for both professional and amateur athletes.

Its specialities include rehabilitation programmes, osteopathy, treatments to recover muscle strength and flexibility, biomechanical foot studies, pain treatment, postural re-education, among many others.

The association offers different sports travel experiences involving rehabilitation and physical training which will certainly suit your needs. Check out the sports medicine experiences of Andorra Health Destination. Get all the info!