Outdoor training in Andorra

Outdoor training in Andorra

Training in the heart of nature, amidst mountains that push you to your limits

If you’re a nature lover and do mountain sports, Andorra is just the place for your outdoor training.

The country’s exceptional location in the heart of the Pyrenees and its mountainous terrain are the key to boosting your performance in altitude training. Here, you’ll find valleys, sharp, steep peaks and 65 two-thousanders, with Comapedrosa as the tallest, at an altitude of 2,942 m, while the lowest is in Sant Julià de Lòria, at 900 m.

The diversity of slopes will let you vary the intensity and type of training such as living up and training down, letting you train while adapting to different altitudes.

Furthermore, Andorra has a high mountain climate with Mediterranean influences, with cold temperatures in winter and mild temperatures in summer. It has around 300 days of sunshine per year, so you can almost be assured of training days with perfect weather.

Tough terrain: a constant challenge

The tall mountains of Andorra offer a multitude of simple and complex terrains that pose quite a challenge for mountain biking and trail running, including 21 mountain passes that are a veritable paradise for cyclists who want to push their limits. See what we’ve got for you!

Road cycling

Ciclisme de carretera

Andorra offers stark elevation changes, spectacular landscapes, a unique natural environment, 21 mountain passes with elevations ranging from 1,300 m to 2,400 m and a wide variety of routes. Iconic mountain passes such as Arcalís, Coll d’Ordino or Coll de la Gallina have played a part in important stages of the Vuelta or Tour de France, as testament to the toughness of their slopes. Andorra is the perfect destination to make the most of your high performance pre-season cycling training.

Andorra offers you the chance to enjoy cycling to the fullest through the country’s many stages. But at the same time, you can take in its breathtaking landscapes while complementing your training with other sports activities or enjoying its cultural, leisure and culinary offerings.

A good rest is absolutely essential after endless kilometres through Andorra’s mountain passes. The country has different exclusive accommodation options for cyclists offering the utmost in comfort. They also have spaces for storing bicycles, washing areas and everything you need to help you meet the goals set for your pre-season cycling training.

MTB, e-bikes and gravel

More than 600 km of routes await you to make the most out of your MTB training.  Andorra’s BTT downhill circuits and tracks are a challenge only within reach of the fittest, the ones who’ve mastered the technique and the ones who want to improve their performance. There are three mountain bike centres: Bike Park Pal Arinsal, Naturland Bike Centre and Grandvalira E-bike Trails, which offer routes and descents of different types to complement your training, as well as a multitude of exclusive services for riders. Andorra also has 35 wild bike descents scattered throughout the country, which are all signposted and suitable for most levels.

You can be sure that a place is perfect for your pre-season training if it has hosted world championships. Andorra has served as the venue for the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and World Cup downhill and cross-country events. This means that you can expect elite sports facilities and exclusive services to ensure the success of your pre-season.

After a high performance MTB training session, you can rest up at exclusive accommodation options for athletes offering the utmost in comfort. In addition, there are also spaces set up for all types of cycle touring, spaces for storing bikes, repairs, equipment for riders, washing areas and everything you need during your pre-season MTB training in Andorra.

Trail running

Cursa de muntanya

Today, Andorra is a benchmark for trail running not only because of the international races and events such as the Trail 100 Andorra by UTMB® or the Skyrace Comapedrosa held here, but also because of the ruggedness of its mountains. With more than 65 two-thousanders amidst high mountain landscapes and an average of 300 days of sunshine, you can train at an altitude of 2,000 m all year round on trails under highly varied conditions – perfect for improving your performance in the mountains.

Andorra’s mountainous territory has a wide range of slopes and types of terrain where the conditions of the route are constantly changing. Asphalt, dirt, roots, grass and stones are just some of the obstacles that will push you to your limits and provide you with the necessary stability and adaptive capacity during your training, in order to successfully complete your pre-season trail running training. 

In addition to a multitude of wild trails, there are also 40 signposted trails with a variety of distances to suit all levels of runners. This is a fantastic option to test the limits of your abilities on different terrains while discovering Andorra's natural and cultural heritage.

There are also companies specialised in trail runningwhich can help you hold your pre-season training with the best services to complement your training sessions in the mountains. You’ll also receive advice and proposals for sports accommodation options in the city or in shelters adapted to your needs as an athlete. And if you need get some kit, you’ll find plenty of exclusive shops selling just the technical clothing and equipment you’re looking for.

Travelling with a sports club?

If you’re looking for ideas on where to hold your pre-season training, Andorra’s just the place for you! You’ll be spoilt for choice with Andorra Sports Training Country as there are so many hotels and facilities for a large number of sports. Our experts will advise you and help you find the right activities and facilities to ensure your stay is a success.

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