Andorra: an inclusive tourism destination

Andorra is committed to the equality of all people. To provide everyone with universal access and a better holiday experience, Andorra therefore offers a whole series of options adapted to people with sensory and physical disabilities that give an independent, easy and safe introduction to our cultural and natural heritage.

Universally accessible tourism content

This very easy-to-use app is one of the systems available at around a hundred or so tourist attractions such as monuments, sculptures, viewpoints, etc. Just scanning the Parl’App QR code with your mobile immediately provides you with detailed and comprehensive information, either in sign language or by listening to a narrator in four different available languages (Catalan, Spanish, French and English). The panels displaying the QR codes all offer information in braille

Nature en route: ecotourism viewpoints and explanatory panels

As you are well aware, much of Andorra is covered in nature. To familiarize you not only with our culture, but also, particularly, with our nature, we have therefore adapted the viewpoint signs and explanatory panels so you may discover the native flora and fauna and surrounding mountains, peaks and lakes. Each panel provides information in braille and presents the zone’s mountains, plants and animals in relief. The panels also display a QR code with which you can access the information in spoken format (in four languages) and in sign language. All the panels are adapted to streamline access for people with reduced mobility.

Hiking with Blind Explorer

Blind Explorer is another innovative proposal intended for people with visual impairment.  This technological solution will enable you to go hiking more independently, conveniently and safely. By using its exclusive 3D sound emitting geolocation system, you can follow a range of routes without being so dependent on other people. This application features around twenty routes in Andorra.

Les Fonts- Engolasters circuit, the first adapted route

The Les Fonts- Engolasters circuit is nearly 3 km long, takes just over an hour and a half and runs through an area of nature adapted for people with visual impairment. The route was designed with the advice of ONCE and produced using special materials with different textures and techniques, which will help you to perceive and anticipate any possible obstacles along the way. The route is also adapted to people with reduced mobility. Natural springs such as Les Molleres, the Font de la Closa and others are to be found all along it.

In Andorra we work every day to improve the country’s inclusive tourism and to provide a better experience for all our visitors. Come and discover everything we can do for you.

Because in Andorra, we are all equal.