Trail 100 Andorra-Pyrenees - Andorra Multisport Festival


From 24-06-2021 to 27-06-2021

Valleys, steep ascents, paths, peaks, scree, cliffs, and descents right in the heart of the natural world are what this new mountain race can offer you.

The paths and trails through our mountains, as spectacular as they are challenging, are the backdrop for this new challenge. A mountain race made to help you unleash your inner runner! Rediscover the giddiness and adrenaline and take your endurance to the limit with the challenging distances in each race.
The Trail 100 Andorra-Pyrenees will have 4 routes which begin and end in the town of Ordino for athletes of all categories, women and men like you who love the mountains and want to put themselves to the test.

Trail 100 Andorra-Pyrenees 2021 race schedule

  • Ultra 125km: a route 125 kilometres long with a climb of 8,810m, it links up with the 4 mountain refuges kept by Andorra and passes by Comapedrosa, the highest peak in Andorra. For expert ultra-trail athletes.
  • Trail 55km: a route 55 kilometres long with a difference in altitude of 4,760m, this route climbs the 3 highest peaks in Andorra, Casamanya (2,753m), Comapedrosa (2,942m, the highest peak in the country) and Carroi (2,331m) which overlooks the central valley that is the home to Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany. For hard-core long-distance runners.
  • Trail 25km: a route 25 kilometres long with a difference in altitude of 2,320m, the toughest part will be Pic de Casamanya (2,753m). A mid-level race for runners in good shape.
  • Family 7.5km: a route 7.5 kilometres long with a difference in altitude of 570m, this race is aimed at families or anyone just starting out in the world of mountain races.

Come experience the magic of the mountains in this new event, part of the Andorra Multisport Festival.

Location and dates: 24-27 June 2021. Ordino.

information and registration available on the race website

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