Toulouse-Lautrec - CAEE


From 24-06-2021 to 19-09-2021

The show, which can be viewed at the CAEE until 19th June, pays homage to an artist who showed his talent through poster art, as well as other art forms.

The exhibition that can be viewed at the CAEE provides an overview of the work of this prolific artist, who reflected the elegance, provocation and decadence of 19th century Paris in his own unique and personal way. Henry de Toulouse-Lautrec made posters into a work of art, well before these gained the importance that they would have in the 20th century in the most diverse sectors of society.

The show offers a journey into the bohemian life of Montmartre intensely experienced by the artist, through his own iconic posters and other prints.

Place and date: Escaldes-Engordany Art Centre (CAEE) until 29th September 2021.

As with other exhibitions, the CAEE provides various complementary activities around the exhibition, with limited places and advance booking required.

Location and contact


Centre d’Art (CAEE)

(+376) 802 255