Sweet Candies Caramels


20 from June - 11 from September

ArtalRoc and Vivand will feature a selection of giant plexiglass candies by French plastic artist Laurence Jenkell. 

The show, titled Sweet Candies Caramels, will allow visitors to discover the work of Laurence Jenkell in her debut exhibition in Andorra featuring her giant bonbons made of plexiglass which have earned her international fame and recognition.

Sweet Candies Caramels will be in two different areas. The ArtalRoc exhibition hall will feature a selection of her more classic pieces, exhibited alongside four ‘robots’ which for Jenkell symbolise our dependence on machines. A picture of her earliest work will also be on display there, in which she had already begun experimenting with including ‘bonbons’ before she made them leap from the canvas to the sculptor’s pedestal.

The other exhibit will be along the Vivand pedestrian mall, where one of her best-known plastic art series will be on display, Bonbon Drapeau. A total of 16 pieces decorated with the colours of the national emblems of different countries, culminating with the show’s pièce de résistance, Bonbon Drapeau Andorre, a piece created especially for the exhibition.

Jenkell's inquisitiveness—she was self-taught in her beginnings—led her to work with and try different techniques (adding textural elements, colouring, moulding, etc.), which, in turn, led to her becoming an expert at working with plexiglass using the wrapping technique, allowing her to literally envelop materials to give form to her renowned ‘bonbons’, candies bursting with colour and life that for her are a reflection of our consumer society. Laurence Jenkell's work can be found in over 25 countries, is exhibited around the world, and is part of the collections of many prestigious private and public institutions.

Location: ArtalRoc at Avenida de Carlemany 8 and the Vivand pedestrian mall in Escaldes-Engordany. Free entrance.

Dates: 20 June to 11 September, 2017.

For further information and hours, click on this link (information in Catalan).

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(+376) 875 700 ext. 1271.

sala_exposicions@govern.ad https://www.cultura.ad/artalroc-sala-d-exposicions

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