Surrealism in Catalonia


02 from March - 26 from May

The Tobacco Museum is now home to a major artistic showcase, “Surrealism in Catalonia”, which offers visitors the opportunity to explore Dalí’s relationship with the artistic and physical surroundings of the Empordà region.

Surrealism in catalonia:the artists of the empordà and salvador dalí

The guiding theme behind the collection of the works on display at the Tobacco Museum is that to speak of Surrealism in Catalonia is to speak of Surrealism in Empordà. Under the sub-heading “The Artists of the Empordà and Salvador Dalí”, the exhibition comprises a series of works produced by the Surrealist master and other artists who, at one time or another in their careers, manifested their love for the unique landscape and setting of the Empordà. The artworks are all imbued with a magical realism that was inspired by this remarkable region.

Boasting around 40 artworks, the majority of which are paintings, “Surrealism in Catalonia: the Artists of the Empordà and Salvador Dalí” gives visitors an insight into the region’s influence on artists such as Joan Massanet, Àngel Planells, Ángeles Santos, Esteban Francés, Jaume Figueras, Evarist Vallès, Jaume Turró, Antoni Pitxot, and of course Salvador Dalí.  As such, the Empordà serves as both a starting point and a final destination for a region that is full of contrasts and exceptional beauty: from Cap de Creus to L’Escala by way of Figueres, the mineral-rich landscapes of Cadaqués and Portbou and the sands of Empúries and the Gulf of Roses, all constantly caressed by the legendary wind known as thetramuntana.  

The exhibition is the result of a collaboration among the Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Culture, the Girona Museum of Art, the Figueres City Council and the Tobacco Museum. The artworks on display in Andorra have come from the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg.

The exhibition will be held until 26 May.

Entry is free of charge.

More information at the Tobacco Museum.

Location and contact

Museu del Tabac

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