Season programme at the National Auditorium


From January 10 to June 18

The coming season at the National Auditorium consolidates its programme format with musical evenings for all types of audiences.

The Auditorium’s musical season offers an eclectic programme that combines the presence of national and international artists to provide both local and visiting spectators with a varied and quality programme.

2020 Programme

DULCE PONTES. 10 January, 21:30 The Portuguese singer opens the 2020 Season at Andorra's National Auditorium, accompanied by the guitarist, Daniel Casares and bass player, Yelsy Heredia. Together they will be paying tribute to great artists such as Amalia Rodrigues, Ennio Morricone, Debussy, Joaquin Rodrigo and Federico García Lorca. A very special evening.

MADRETOMASA. 1 February, 21:30. Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the band, this Andorran group will present their new 2020 work live, as part of the season's programme. The group is composed of Fano Pallares on guitar and vocals; Oriol Vilella, also on guitar and vocals; Josu Adanez on drums and Albert Duat on bass. A night of rock to remember.

PABLO MILANÉS: “Esencia”. 28 February, 21:30. The Cuban composer, singer, guitarist and songwriter continues his tour with “Esencia” a successful project that has taken him to cities all around the world over the last two years. A recital that sums up summary of the essence of his work, accompanied by Ivonne Téllez on piano and Caridad R. Varona on the cello. Pure Milanés.

UTE LEMPER: “Rendevous with Marlene”. 7 March 19:30 The renowned German singer and actress, one of today’s most charismatic figures in jazz and cabaret, will present this show that takes a stroll through the history of the life of the legendary Marlene Dietrich. A musical journey with emblematic songs by artists such as Jacques Brel, Cole Porter or her beloved, Kurt Weill. An evening rendezvous, full of nostalgia.

EL KANKA: “Payaso”. 4  April, 21.30h. With four albums and a handful of awards, Juan Gómez Canca, known as “El Kanka”, presents us with his “Payaso”  tour. El Kanka, providing vocals and playing the Spanish guitar, is accompanied by Juan Rubio Pastor, (known as El Manin), on percussion, Álvaro Ruiz Alcántara on the acoustic guitar, Jose Benítez González on drums, Pedro Campos Nieto on bass guitar and Carlos Manzanares on the keyboard, wind instruments and the accordion. An evening full of irony, humour and rhythm, based on rumba combined with elements of pop and Latin music.

JORDI BOTEY. “Oh, benvinguts autors”. 23  April, 21.30h. This vocational singer-songwriter forms an essential part of the Andorran music scene. With 15 years of experience in music behind him, he presents this show “Oh, benvinguts autors”; a selection of various songwriters’ creations which have a special significance, either because of when they were composed or their subject matter.

EL POT PETIT. 25 April, 12:00 midday. This group brings magic and illusion to the season. El Pot Petit's family show will include audience participation, music, theatre, puppetry and other fun-filled characters. A matinee performance designed for all types of audiences.

LILA DOWNS “Al Chile”. 13 May, 21:30. Singer, songwriter and activist; this artist is an iconic figure, an ambassador for Mexican indigenous music and cultures. Lila Downs will present in her new album “Al Chile” at the Auditorium, a tribute to one of the most emblematic ingredients of Mexican cuisine, the chilli, as well as a celebration of 20 years of a successful career and her commitment and connection to the roots of her native country.

BEBEL GILBERTO. 23 May, 21:30. This Brazilian singer and composer has music in her blood. The daughter of João Gilberto, one of the pioneers of the bossa nova, and the famous singer Miúcha, as well as the niece of Chico Buarque; Bebel has captivated audiences around the world. Winner of numerous awards and acknowledgements, with a career stretching back over more than 30 years, she has contributed to the modernisation of Brazilian rhythms, without ever forgetting her roots.  The musical universe of Brazil takes the stage for an evening at the National Auditorium night featuring this outstanding ambassador.

KIKO VENENO. “Sombrero roto”. 18 June, 21:30. The National Auditorium's Season ends with one of the artists who has marked the history of music in Spain. Unique, and therefore unrepeatable, the unclassifiable Kiko Veneno presents his latest album “Sombrero roto", a production with electronic touches, and above all full of the artist’s unique outlook on life and the world. Even after a career spanning 40 years, Kiko Veneno is not content to just live off his past successes. 

Location and dates: National Auditorium, Ordino. From 10 December 2019 to 18 June 2020.

Tickets and season passes: Online sales on the website: and also at the information point at the Illa Carlemany Shopping Centre.

Organisation and information: Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. Cultural Action Department. Tel.: (+376) 875 708; e-mail address:

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