ONCA - Summer music season: 'ON-CARRER'


From 13-07-2020 to 26-08-2020

'ON-CARRER' is an on-street music initiative which aims to get our society involved. With 26 performances, you’ll enjoy a wide range of musical styles!

Under the slogan 'La música surt al carrer' (Music goes out on the streets), this summer the ONCA Foundation, promoted by the Government of Andorra in collaboration with all the parishes and the Culture and Tourism Departments, presents a new season of summer music performances on the streets: ON-CARRER. Born out of a desire to recover cultural events in the country, the initiative seeks to bring art and culture to our society.

The 'ON-CARRER' music season is casual in nature, playing with the surprise factor of discovering music performances on the streets. With completely improvised stages, the events seek, above all, to create innovative venues which also prevent large crowds of people from gathering at the performances.

The season will run for seven weeks and the concerts will be spread across all the parishes. The initiative, which will get underway on the 13th July in the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria, will head to the capital to continue its tour during the week starting 20th July, it will be in La Massana the week of the 27th and continue through Encamp and Pas de la Casa the week starting 3rd August. Next, the week of 10th August, it will be held in Canillo, whilst Escaldes-Engordany will have its turn the week commencing the 17th and the parish of Ordino will enjoy the finale of ONCA's 'ON-CARRER' summer music season the week of 26th August.

With a total of 26 acoustic performances, you’ll be able to enjoy listening to a wide range of musical genres: rock, jazz, blues, electronic music, singer-songwriters, flamenco, etc. Performances will be given by over 40 artists from the country, including seven trios, 13 duets, six solo performers and more. Love it, Duo Mozart, Patxi Leiva, Els Pali, Teresina Childsong, Jamp… are just some of the artists you'll get to see.

Finally, although the ON-CARRER season is mainly music based, you’ll also be able to see other disciplines such as theatre and dance.

This summer, music is alive on the streets!

Location and contact


(+376) 336 134