Open Nights 2016 / Cantango Night


17 from August - 17 from August

The Open Nights set up one year more in the Plaça Major of Ordino with a variety of music on offer

Open nights 2016, cantango nights

The 19th edition of the open nights suggests five evenings of attractive and very different styles.

JORGE VOSS accompanied by Franz Van de Geen on the piano, offers an extensive and emotional tour of the most popular Argentine Tango: Gardel, Homero Manzi, Discépolo ...

As he himself says..."I still remember that small radio that produced sad melodies that I curiously disliked.  Years later, in Barcelona, I realise that I knew almost all of them by heart.  Tango is like that, it gets inside of you without you realising or wanting".

Jorge Voss was entrusted with adapting the musicalNôtre Dame de Paristo Spanish.  He is also the author of different lyrics of the songs of the renowned singer Richard Cocciante’s last record.

This year they have performed in Germany, France, Switzerland and Catalonia, amongst other places.

Place and date:Plaza Major of Ordino, Wednesday 17 August at 10 p.m. Entrance free.

Concerts of the series
13/7 - The Beatles
27/7 - The Sailors
10/8 - Onca Bàsic
17/8 - Jorge Voss
24/8 - Pexsom Blues 

More information:
Tel.: (+376) 878 173

Location and contact

Plaça Major d'Ordino

(+376) 878 173