”Views over el Pas de la Casa”


17 from March - 17 from April

At the “Mirades sobre el Pas de la Casa” (Views over el Pas de la Casa) exhibitions, you will have the personal view in large format images of the photographer Arno Brignon, from 17 March to 17 April 2015,in the lobby of the Consell General.

”views overel pas de la casa”

Arno Brignon has been taking photographs since 2003. From his first works he turned towards social “classical” social photography, which for him represented a style, but also a means of sharing convictions. The photographic work carried out in el Pas de la Casa is a magnificent chance to discover his personal viewpoint. With large images, Arno Brignon fixes el Pas’s particular atmosphere, a space half way between El Dorado and a no man’s land.

Place: Lobby of the Consell General, Andorra la Vella, from 17 March to 17 April 2015.

Check out the full program of the French Cultural Season in Andorra 2015 in PDF (Catalan/French).

Organised by: CERTOP, IEA, with the collaboration of the French Embassy with the support of the Representation of the French Co-Prince, the Andorran-French Alliance, the Consell General d’Andorra, the Jean Jaures University of Toulouse and the CNRS.

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e-mail: jerome.vinolas@diplomatie.gouv.fr
Phone: (+376) 736 700

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