La Mussara Andorra



La Mussara Andorra is a cycle tourism event where your ambitions are the only limit, with the magnificent Pyrenees as the backdrop.

Enjoy your passion for mountain biking with La Mussara Andorra 2020. The event includes three routes to make it accessible to the greatest number of cyclists from all levels. The event starts and finishes at the Cota 2,000 level of Naturlandia at La Rabassa (Sant Julià de Lòria). Thanks to the altitude and changes in temperature, it’s a real mental and physical challenge.

2021 programme

La Mussara 93, with a distance of 93.74 km and 2,935 m of elevation change, is the longest and most demanding route for all participants, while La Mussara 45, with a 45-km route and 1,400 m of elevation change, is also fairly demanding. Finally, La Mussara 24, with a distance of 24.28 km and 831 m of elevation change, is perfect for those just starting out in mountain bike racing.

La Mussara Andorra is open to participants over age 16. The circuit covers forest tracks and paths in Sant Julià de Lòria, Lles de Cerdanya, Estamariu, Pont de Bar, Arcavell and Bescaran.
Participants have a wide range of services available to them to make the day an unforgettable experience of incredible mountain biking: provisions on the route, mechanical assistance, bike parking, provisions at the finishing line and bike hire, among others.
La Mussara Kids will be held on Saturday 10 July at noon, in the centre of Sant Julià de Lòria. As its name suggests, this is an activity aimed at younger cyclists ages 4 to 12, that will take place on a closed 500-m circuit. Participants will be divided into three groups.

Place and date: Naturlandia Cota 2,000, La Rabassa, Sant Julià de Lòria. Sunday, 11 July 2021.

Location and contact



(+376) 630 095