Joaquín Achúcarro, Ignació Yepes and the ONCA


16 from October - 16 from October

Joaquín Achúcarro, Ignació Yepes and the ONCA perform Beethoven and Falla, at the 33rd Narciso Yepes Festival in Ordino.

With the caption of “From Beethoven’s romanticism to Falla’s passion” the evening will start with the Beethoven’s Concert for piano no. 5 in B flat major, op. 73, a work known as “The Emperor”. The piece was first performed in the country under the conducting of Ignacio Yepes and with the prestigious pianist Joaquín Achúcarro, an artist who has worked with the ONCA on other occasions and who has achieved a very tightly woven musical tone.  The no. 5 is the last and best known of the composer’s piano concerts.

The second part of the program will focus on “El amor brujo” (Love, the Magician) by Falla, on the occasion of the centenary of this very popular work. This time the ONCA, led by Ignacio Yepes, the son of the prestigious guitarist Narciso Yepes whose name is given to the Andorran festival, will present the symphonic version with an orchestra of thirty-four musicians.

Place and time: Friday 16 October 2015 at 9 p.m. National Auditorium. Ordino.

Information and tickets: prices range from €10 to €30.
Ordino Tourist Office
(+376) 878 173 

Organised by: Ordino and Fundació Crèdit Andorra

Location and contact

Auditori Nacional

(+376) 878 173