Guided tours of Andorra la Vella


From 15-07-2020 to 05-09-2020

Let yourself be guided and discover the best-kept secrets of the Principality's capital and its surroundings with our summer tours.

From July to early September, Andorra la Vella is offering a range of guided tours, based around three focuses: tradition and culture, dramatised tours, and nature tours, which will enable you to discover the history and traditions of our culture that lie hidden in the streets and squares of the capital, as well as in the parish’s natural spaces.

The “Historic Centre” tour will lead you through the alleyways and small squares of the capital’s old quarter, which has been able to preserve its architectural style and secrets over time.

On the “Venture into the Enclar and Santa Coloma Valleys” tour you’ll discover a pair of exceptional, wildlife-filled valleys, in the company of an ecotourism guide. On the way to the Enclar Valley you’ll be able to admire the exterior of the church of Santa Coloma, one of the oldest and most iconic places of worship in the Pyrenees.

There are two dramatised tours of the old quarter: the “Journey through History and Legend” tour, in which a number of characters fleeing from the authorities will reveal the secrets and legends they are hiding; and the “Anton Fiter i Rossell Awaits a Visitor” tour, in which the author of the celebrated Manual Digest awaits the arrival of an old friend from university, in order to show him around the country.

Santa Coloma is also the setting for “The Saint, the Russian and the Count” tour, in which three of the town’s iconic characters will guide you through some of the most fascinating moments in the history of our Principality.

If you prefer to get away from the urban environment, you can do the “Green Lung of the City” tour, which is part of Andorra la Vella’s Anella Verda nature path project. If you’d like your nature a little wilder, “Venture into the Mountains: the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley” is a tour that will introduce you to the landscape and flora of this remarkable natural space, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the cultural landscape category.

And with the “Obaga Viewpoints” route, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing views of Andorra la Vella from different perspectives without major physical exertion.

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