From 17-01-2020 to 26-01-2020

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The Escudelles de Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià are very popular traditional festivals in Andorra.

All over the country, you can take part in the celebrations of the Escudelles de Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià, a traditional festival where participants have the chance to try the typical winter stew-soup known as escudella.


Vianda de Sant Antoni meal in Canillo
Canillo celebrates the traditional Escudella de Sant Antoni on Sunday 19 January starting at 1 pm in Plaça del Telecabina.
Further information, tel.: (+376) 753 600,

Escudelles de Sant Antoni in the parish of Encamp.
Escudella de Sant Antoni and Encants de Sant Antoni charity auction in Plaça dels Arinsols, Sunday 19 January.
1 pm: charity auction
1:30 pm: escudella stew-soup served

Pas de la Casa
Escudella de Sant Antoni, Sunday 26 January in Plaça de l’Església at 1 pm.
Further information, tel.: (+376) 731 490, 

St Anthony's Day in La Massana
The people of La Massana celebrate their patron saint’s day on Friday 17 January.
11 am: mass at the Church of Sant Antoni de la Grella (Camí Ral).
12 pm: charity auction in Plaça de les Fontetes.
1 pm: escudella stew-soup served in Plaça de les Fontetes.
Further information, tel.: (+376) 835 693, 

Escudella de Sant Antoni in Andorra La Vella
Escudella stew-soup will be served from 1 pm on Friday 17 January in Plaça Guillemó.
Organised by the festival brotherhood, the Confraria d’Escudellaires, in collaboration with Andorra la Vella Parish Council.
Further information, tel.: (+376) 750 100, 

Escudella de Sant Antoni in Escaldes-Engordany
The traditional escudella stew-soup will be served on Friday 17 January at 1 pm in Plaça dels Dos Valires.
Organised by the Friends of the Pont dels Escalls Association in collaboration with Escaldes-Engordany Parish Council.
Further information, tel.: (+376) 890 881, 

Escudella de Sant Sebastià in Sant Julià de Lòria
The Escudella de Sant Sebastià will be held on Monday 20 January starting at 1 pm in Plaça de la Germandat in Sant Julià.
Organised by the Germandat de Sant Sebastià brotherhood in collaboration with Sant Julià de Lòria Parish Council.
Further information, tel.: (+376) 744 045,

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