Gods of Egypt


16 from June - 30 from October

Egyptian religious iconography is the feature of this temporary exhibition at the Tobacco Museum.

Gods of egypt

The Egyptian civilisation and more specifically the times of the pharaohs continue to powerfully seduce and fascinate the public. With a total of 199 pieces from the private collection of the Clos Archaeological Foundation, the display offered by the Tobacco Museum guides you through the universe of its different gods with statuettes of the different divinities, amulets, sarcophagus lids, a funerary gown and other liturgical objects.

Ancient Egypt worshipped thousands of gods. One of its most characteristic facets was its cult to certain animals, which is clearly reflected in the exhibition’s artistic creations.

Organised by: Tobacco Museum, sponsored by the Julià Reig Foundation and with the support of the Clos Archaeological Foundation.

Tobacco Museum: c/ Dr. Palau 17, Sant Julià de Lòria, until 30 October 2016. Entrance free.
Tel.: (+376) 741 545

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