Casamanya Extrem 2022


This year the race includes a beginners’ route for the youngest runners.

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Pic de Casamanya

This classic race is back with fresh strength and energy to make its mark.

The 7th edition of the mountain race that finishes at the summit of Casamanya, one of Andorra’s most iconic peaks, will be held on the third Sunday of June and include three different routes.

The Casamanya Extrem, a 5-km route with a 1,440-metre vertical rise, which starts from Carrer Major in Ordino. This is the event’s defining route.

The Casamanya Classic, a 3.5-km route with a 760-metre vertical rise, which starts from the Coll d’Ordino. This is the most popular route and the most familiar with everyone who climbs to the summit.

The Casamanya Mini, a new course this year created for runners of 11 years old and upwards who are just starting to run mountain races. The 2.4-km route, with a 400-metre vertical rise, also sets out from the Coll d’Ordino.

An out-of-competition supervised beginners’ course will also be held so that children who are not yet old enough to compete officially can discover what this category of race is about.

Place and date: Ordino, Sunday 19 June 2022.

Organized by Estripagecs Mountain Events, in association with No Límits and with the support of Ordino council.

All information, including registrations, routes and times, are available on the race website.