“Ça chauffe pour la planète!”


10 from January - 31 from July

This exhibition is a cry for attention to our planet’s serious environmental problems.

FEDA’s MW Electricity Museum, celebrating its 10th anniversary, is hosting the exhibition “Ça chauffe pour la planète!” (“The planet is heating up!”). This initiative is part of the programme of the French Culture Season in collaboration with the Cartooning for Peace Association, whose world première is taking place in Andorra.

The exhibition is a call for action to solve the problems that concern everyone regarding the state of our planet and the serious environmental consequences of pollution, global warming and the depletion of natural resources, which is endangering the natural balance.

“Ça chauffe pour la planète!” (“The planet is heating up!”) revolves around various topics: Stopping pollution, raising awareness about water, global warming, threats to biodiversity, agro-food and health, geopolitics and ecology, as well as taking action. These topics are depicted in thirty drawings from the international press. It features works by renowned authors, such as Plantu, Tignous and Soulcie (France); Darío and Boligán (Mexico); Tjeerd Royaards and Joep Bertrams (Holland); Mix & Remix and Chappatte (Switzerland); Pov (Madagascar); Cristine (Portugal); Hader (Austria), Riber (Sweden); Hall (United States); Côte (Canada) and Kroll (Belgium), among others. The large-scale images are accompanied by captions from Yann Arthus-Bertrand, photographer, international environmental activist, and author of the foreword to the book that the Cartooning for Peace Association has recently published.

Location and dates: MW Electricity Museum (FEDA), Encamp, 10 January to 31 July 2019.

Organisers: French Embassy with support from the Cartooning for Peace organisation; and collaboration with FEDA. 

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