Art Mickey


From 02-02-2019 to 25-04-2019

Andorra’s celebrating 90 years of Mickey Mouse with “Art Mickey” an exposition of 11 figures you can see on The Shopping Mile.

The most iconic character of the Disney universe, Mickey Mouse, turned 90 years last November. In Andorra, we're celebrating with “Art Mickey” a fun exposition of sculptures that show off his versatility. Mickey’s an icon that’s spanned several generations, and at 90 he’s still in great shape. Until 25 April, you can come down and discover each of the 11 figures along The Shopping Mile, Andorra’s new high street. There you’ll find Mickey as you’ve never imagined him!

“Art Mickey” Expo guide

The 11 large Mickey Mouse figures are located along The Shopping Mile.

  • 1. Red Waves Mickey: in striking red. Av. Carlemany 60 near c/ Isabel Sandy (Escaldes-Engordany).
  • 2. Mix & Match Mickey: an eclectic explosion of colours and hues, c/ Na Maria Pla - Fener Boulevard (Andorra la Vella).
  • 3. Patterned Mickey: wild modern geometric prints with a great balance of colours  Av. Meritxell 92 and CCA (Andorra la Vella).
  • 4. Skier Mickey: ready to hit the slopes of Andorra. Av. Meritxell 33 and c/ Bisbe Princep Iglesias (Andorra la Vella).
  • 5.Classic Mickey: 90 years with a contemporary look. Av. Carlemany 121 and C. C. Illa Carlemany (Escaldes-Engordany).
  • 6. COMICkey: a collage of comic classics.  Av. Carlemany 83 at c/ Ciutat de Sabadell (Escaldes-Engordany).
  • 7. Sparkly Mickey: an elegant reinterpretation of classic Mickey. Av. Mertitxell 78 at la Rotonda (Andorra la Vella).
  • 8. Silver Mickey: Mickey’s never stopped shining.  Av. Carlemany and Pl. Coprínceps (Escaldes-Engordany).
  • 9. Golden Mickey: from cinema’s golden years and the Oscars comes the “Mousecar”. Av. Meritxell 118 and Roca & Ribes (Andorra la Vella).
  • 10. Winter Dots Mickey: Inspired by polka dots with winter colours to celebrate the ski season, Av. Meritxell 13 in front of G.M. Pyrénées (Andorra la Vella).
  • 11. Retro Mickey: a vintage figure that pays tribute to the skiers of the 20s.  Av Carlemany 37 in front of the Carmen Thyssen Museum (Escaldes-Engordany).

The exposition can be seen from 2 February to 25 April.

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The Shopping Mile